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The Birth of Young Heroes' #OneShirtOneMeal Campaign

The Birth of Young Heroes' #OneShirtOneMeal Campaign

As time passes, the world is ever changing. People are getting more immersed in their lives, careers, families, in search of a meaning and purpose in their life. In midst of the hustle and bustle we go through on the daily, we tend to turn a blind eye to what's happening in our surroundings.

There are people around us in dire need of food, shelter, healthcare, and love. Despite all they are lacking, nobody should be denied basic necessities we need to survive or to feel included in society.

Hence the birth of Young Heroes: Youth Empower Nations. A social and community development project with the aim to help people around us who are in need, with the support of the youth. Young Heroes has set out to inspire the youth of our nation to reach out to those in need at a young age. It doesn't matter what age, background or social standing we come from, we are all capable of making the first move to empower one another.

Indie Lab Collective aims to make a difference and change lives. We believe in equality and making the world a better place for everyone. To enable everyone to receive the basic necessities of life. To enable everyone to live and grow together, as a community, as a nation, as brothers in arms.

Our first project is to feed the homeless people who are on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Their main plights are the lack of food, sanitation, safety, healthcare, and a roof over their heads. The Young Heroes Project is going to help raise funds to provide food for the homeless also known as street friends.

We decided to collaborate with another local fashion label Spade It, who are founded by teenagers with a similar passion for streetwear. As a startup business, we are looking for more people with their mindsets to make a change to society. Together with Spade It, we designed the Young Heroes Project, #OneShirtOneMeal campaign T-Shirt.

Every purchase of a Young Heroes Project T-Shirt will contribute to buying a meal for a homeless person. Our goal is to raise enough funds to feed 200 street friends, a hot meal. Besides that, we want to bridge the gap between society and our street friends, to build friendships and understand how else we can help them on their path of reintegration into society.

This process will be made possible by our collaborative partner, Street Feeders KL. Established in late 2011 by founder Gary Liew and a few friends, Street Feeder has been out and about, feeding the homeless in Kuala Lumpur. Going above and beyond to reach out to our street friends, Street Feeders forged a relationship with them, getting to know them as people and nothing less. Finding solutions to their problems and helping them out of the homelessness
cycle. Street Feeders KL also provides an emotional support system for our street friends, by lending them a willing ear.

Young Heroes are here to lead us youths and millennials into the future. With the support of everyone, we can work together to making a difference in someone else's life. The success of this event will hopefully further perpetuate a giving-back culture through the love for streetwear.


YOU have what it takes to make a difference, Young Hero!

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