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Top 5 Streetwear Lifestyle Blogs You Should Know About

Top 5 Streetwear Lifestyle Blogs You Should Know About


the simpsons in streetwear fashion clothing

Image Source: The Modern Man

You must be wondering, is streetwear a lifestyle?

Face it - in today’s world, streetwear is an ever-growing cultural platform that allows people to express themselves through Clothing Wear, Sneakers, Art & Design, Hip-Hop Music, Dancing, Skating and the list goes on. The streetwear culture has paved its way into many genre and industries, such as the Fashion, Footwear and the Media. This allows people to spread the culture and normalize the persona of self-expression. It has become a lifestyle for many people and industries, in various part of the globe.

As a millennial, we tend to assure ourselves by searching up the world wide web for details on our favorite brands, sneakers to rock or our favorite artist and their latest work. There are many Blogs that dedicate their search in order the provide us with the latest news regarding the Streetwear & Lifestyle Industry.

Here are top 5 streetwear lifestyle blogs that provide the latest and fresh news in the industry.


Highsnobiety (HS), which is based in Berlin, focuses on many genres such as Style, Music, Shopping, Life news. Created by David Fischer in 2005, the lifestyle blog has over 9 million web visits each month and was reported as 2017 Honouree for Cultural Blog/Website by the Webby Awards. Each post reported by HS has a story to tell from an original perspective which keeps readers interested as they tend to gain something new each time. Do visit them for various fresh updates and news.

IG: @highsnobiety


Hypebeast became one of the top streetwear lifestyle blogs and they even earned a spot in the urban dictionary. A "hype beast" is a slang for someone who is a beast (obsessed) about the hype (in fashion), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. 

Launched by Kevin Ma & friends, this modern day blog post has turned into something more than just a news platform. From dominating the Instagram and Facebook feeds, to having distributed for other brands through their sales platform, HBX. HypeBeast is using their platform to not only embrace the culture but to also discover and explore new things which have led them to a position of trendsetters.

If they don’t post about it, there’s just no hype.

IG: @hypebeast


This Blog is dedicated to sneakers and also providing their latest dose of ‘Dopeness’ news. From bringing you news on the most comfortable sole to the latest designed by top brands, SneakHype also captures and reports random uniqueness of various industries. If you would like to know more about the latest shoes or some fun random news, be sure to check them out.

IG: @sneakhype


If you like Backpacks and Cars, I would highly recommend freshness mag, as they bring to you the latest news on the illest backpacks, further explaining their designs, types of materials used and designs.

Freshness also reports on the latest accessories such as timepieces and sunglasses from various brands. What’s unique about this Blog is that they review Vehicles too, having reviewed the ins and outs of the car, designs and even performance & specifications.

IG: @freshnessmag


This Online magazine originates from Tokyo, Japan which has a large following of the streetwear culture. They update their blogs every hour of the day as there are brands and trends starting every day. From reports about the known to the unknown, this BlogSpot covers all brands, high-end, style-centric to fringe Tokyo style. If you are into Streetwear, be sure to visit their site.

FB: @tokyofashion


There are plenty more streetwear lifestyle blogs out there, and this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, Indie Lab Collective aims to be an all-inclusive streetwear trend reporter. We will also be serving exclusive news and launch updates as we would love to invite our readers and fans to be a part of our world.

While you are here, do check out our collections thus far, i.e: FreedomPursuit of Independence, etc. This year, we launched a brand new collection and campaign, Live Your Legacy. We kickstarted the campaign early this year with a Part 1 collection with Infinite Helix stone beads bracelets.

Over the weekend, we did a photoshoot for Live Your Legacy: Part 2 S/S 18 Collection together with an A-Team. The launch date is coming closer!

Here's an exclusive sneak peek ;)

men and women modelling smokebombs

Models: Nicole @thenictionary, Marc @marc.ham

Indie Lab Collective Team

Indie Lab Collective team, photographers (@weijiekeithfung & @mister.grr) and models.


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