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Top 5 OG Streetwear Brands in Malaysia

Top 5 OG Streetwear Brands in Malaysia

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Define: ‘Streetwear'

Casual clothing/ apparel outfitted commonly by the urban youth and most millennials.

1. Originated from LA surf and skate scene since the early 90’s now modernized with elements of hip-hop culture and lately haute couture.
2. International brands associated with Streetwear: Supreme, Off-White, A Bathing Ape, Stussy, Palace, Undefeated, Obey, HUF, etc.
3. Apparel types: Hoodies, Sweats, Printed Tees, Outerwear, Sneakers, etc.

Streetwear is currently hyped all over the world right now. Waiting in line for hours at a line prepped to cop the latest Off-White drop, refreshing the Supreme website eager to snatch the latest box-tees, bidding on some HRs in a reseller forum. Sounds familiar, isn't it?

None the less, Malaysia is not one to get left behind! Over the years, many local brands have emerged, bringing us different styles and fashion representing street culture and of course our very own Malaysian swag!

This is a tribute to some of the home-grown that paved the way and set the standards for Malaysian streetwear culture.

Here are the Top 5 ‘’OG’’ Streetwear brands of Malaysia.


Founded by the infamous Mr. Kioue, SuperSunday needs no introduction in the Malaysian Streetwear industry. Known for their style influenced by b-boy and street art culture, SuperSunday brings you the most daring and original of designs since 2007.

Much respect for their portrayal of their clothing, executing new and dynamic ways to represent their style through their awesome lookbooks! You’d be a fool not to check them out!

Website: IG: @supersundaystore




Established by 3 friends back in 2010, PMC has come a long way since they started up. From humble beginnings to a streetwear powerhouse now in 2018 with their apparels available for purchase at over 5 locations nationwide, PMC is simply killing it. With hordes of fans and followers, they have become somewhat a Malaysian streetwear cult [in a good way!]. Simple yet iconic, they create amazing printed tees that is just not a t-shirt, it’s a statement.

Highlighting the recent GE14, they decided to release a quirky politically themed Election Capsule with designs like ‘’UMM…NO’’, ‘’PMC Ballot box’’ and ‘’Kak Rosmah’s Birkin’’. We think it's truly brilliant. Inspiring the youths to fulfill their civil rights and vote during the past elections, was a noble use of influence.

Website: IG: @pestlemortarclothing




You’ve got to be kidding me if you have never ever seen a ‘’LANSI’’ t-shirt in your life! From tees to iconic LANSI caps, they translated the "most used’’ Malaysian word at that time which means ‘’action/cocky’’ and made it into a household brand. You can’t get more Malaysian that that.

Obviously, food is not the only thing that's awesome in Penang. True OG’s. In November 2017, they release a ’’HENTAI’’ themed collection. Get all that dope stuff with their LANSI DEVIANT Bundle Pack!

PS: There was a real octopus in their photoshoot. Check it out on their IG page!

Website: IG: @theswaggersalon 




Everyone needs a pair of jeans. They are one of the most essential parts of your streetwear ensemble. From dope tees to swagger jeans and now venturing into BATIK designs. Straights to skinnies, they have them all. You know what they say, denim never dies! They may be established in 2010, but their designs are everlasting. 

Website: IG: @tarikjeans 




This brand needs no introduction at all. STONED being their main title and caption says it all. Priding themselves with top-of-the-line cotton tees ensuring you top quality in the local market currently.

Available at multiple outlets in and around Malaysia, you definitely have a friend or family member who currently owns or have previously owned their swaged up apparels. Currently, they also have phone cases, document carriers, lanyards, lighters, and many more. 

Website: IG: @stonedandco




We at Indie Lab Collective pride ourselves in recognizing the passion and perseverance of all these local brands to achieve their goals of becoming a household name in Malaysia.

Big shout outs to these guys for their amazing creativity and eye for design and fashion. For more articles like this, click here.

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  • ada lagi OG…90s…late 90s….awal 2000 ++….
    1. Radioactive
    2. Tropicana Life / WildChannel
    3 . Extreme
    4. Echo Park
    5. Playez International
    and berlambak lagi…..research yo

    Jay Harmdarn
  • Love Supersunday. One of my favorite streetwear brand with

  • Ad yg lgi OG from some of the brand yg di balik brand2 yg ad kat mlaysia,spe yg stat dlu scene sume ni

  • what OG? , Influance semua kebanyakkan copy paste je


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