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Indie Lab Collective's 2018 Theme: "Live Your Legacy"

Indie Lab Collective's 2018 Theme:
"Live Your Legacy"

We live in a world where we are constantly shrouded by the expectations and obligations of society. Living inside a glass box, without realizing how much of our true selves are being suppressed. Living along the guidelines predetermined by stereotypes. It’s time to f*ckin break free from these shackles and tell the world to ‘’ FUCK-Off ’’!

Hence, it inspired the theme of our 2018 collection - LIVE YOUR LEGACY.

good looking couples in streetwear fashion

cool girl posing in front of train guy in streetwear fashion walking on train tracks

As a budding Malaysian Streetwear brand, we are constantly trying to revolutionize the streetwear culture here in Malaysia. We do not want to be just another clothing brand, throwing a design onto a t-shirt and putting it on the shelves for a quick profit. 

We want to create a statement - to inspire YOU. By translating it into apparel and accessories design specially curated by us, so that each and every time you are repping our product, you don't just feel good - you embrace it with pride. 

Earlier this year, we released a Part I collection, "Infinite Helix" - a collection of stone bead bracelets and necklaces. Every bead count, every bead material - we made sure it is curated to perfection. Each of these accessories represents different, unique qualities and characteristics. After all, living your legacy meant having courage, wisdom, humility, balance, and harmony

stone bead bracelets

That's not all! After much anticipation, here comes Part II: S/S18 Collection, featuring two t-shirts in black and white, which we just launched!

Ultimately, at Indie Lab Collective, our vision for "Live Your Legacy" campaign is so that every time someone put our t-shirts on, they will be reminded that they have the capability to build their own legacy. The path yet taken is a scary one, but to all the haters in your way, turn your back on them, put your MIDDLE FINGERS up high, and walk away.

Shop our "Live Your Legacy" collections now:

1. Part I: Infinite Helix
2. Part II: S/S18 Collection

3. Part III: Coming soon ;)

Stay tuned as we will update more about LIVE YOUR LEGACY news and some Behind-The-Scenes photos and videos during this campaign.

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