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HOW TO: Outfit Inspo for Indie Lab Co's LYL S/S18 Collection

HOW TO: Outfit Inspo for Indie Lab Co's LYL S/S18 Collection

outfit inspiration for streetwear fashion

If you have been living under a rock, you would have missed one of our biggest launch announcement, thus far! A few weeks ago, we launched our latest drop to the series "Live Your Legacy" Part II: S/S18 Collection.

Now, what the heck does "Live Your Legacy" even mean, you might ask? We talked all about it in our previous blog post, have a read here.

We all have those days, where we stood in front of our closet thinking, "damn, I've got nothing to wear!" Nothing kills the vibe more than having a bad outfit day. We get it, we heard you. Some may find "streetwear" a little intimidating and clueless of how to truly flaunt it. Fret not, because we have come up with a list of outfit styling inspiration, specially curated by Indie Lab Collective for our latest "Live Your Legacy" series, suitable for both men and women.


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo women

Why limit ourselves to a t-shirt and jeans, when it's much more fun with skirts and high-heel boot? Putting on a t-shirt does not necessarily mean you would look any less feminine. This look is especially curated for the fashionista, perfect for them to walk down the street in confidence and make heads turn.


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo women

You could be out running errands, or just tryna keep it cash-sual, it's totally cool! Pair your t-shirt with boyfriend jeans, dad cap, and your coolest sneakers. We are keeping it casual, definitely not dressing down. We believe in simplicity and still making a statement.


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo women

Where's the next destination? Indie Lab Collective's LYL simple and exquisite t-shirt design will be sure to amp up your travel #ootd photos. Throw on torn-knee black jeans, buckle up with a belt and a bold outer-wear for a pop of color, you are good to go for an adventure!


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo men

"HYPEBEAST!" If you are an avid follower of the Hypebeast fashion trend, you would notice that many people pair their outfit with ankle-length joggers and the iconic shark hoodie from BAPE Clothing. However, the look will not be complete without putting on a fun, statement pair of rocks! 


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo men

If you are someone who is really active and always on the go, this outfit is for you! Just imagine, if you are gonna be moving around a lot and wearing jeans just won't cut it. We suggest getting both comfortable and fashionable with LYL t-shirt and shorts. Hoodies or jackets are optional, but perhaps spicing it up with Infinite Helix, the perfect accessory! 


indie lab co streetwear outfit inspo men

So, you scored a tinder date and wanna dress to impress? Show off your sophisticated style when you wear this! Nothing is more attractive than a person who knows how to dress up (fact!). Keep it casual with jeans and sneakers.

There are many ways to style with LYL S/S18 t-shirt, and this list could go on! It has come to our attention that many people stray away from "streetwear" clothing because it comes off as "too loud" or "too complicated". Thus, our latest collection ensures versatility so that you won't have a hard time picking out an outfit the next time!

Wanna cop one of our latest LYL S/S18 t-shirt? Browse through our collection and shop now before they are gone!

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P/S: Oh, rumour has it that Indie Lab Collective's A/W18 Basic collection will be dropping real soon. 

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