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Defining Streetwear in Malaysia

Defining Streetwear in Malaysia

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As the local Malaysian streetwear brands (i.e.: Stoned & Co, Pestle & Mortar Clothing, Nerdunit, etc) are gaining fame on an international level, streetwear is slowly becoming a norm in the culture of Malaysians when not too long-ago streetwear was deemed “a general clothing wear” rather than a culture. Now with the growing popularity of streetwear in Malaysia, one has to ask, just what is streetwear?

To venture further into this topic, we first have to know the origins of streetwear. Streetwear used to be heavily influenced by Hip-hop and skaters, and as we can tell, streetwear designs back in the days are heavily related to those themes.  In simpler terms, streetwear was a story, telling the masses of their lifestyles.

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As time passed, streetwear started evolving, implementation of elements involving different cultures of youths on the street to sports, and even to military influenced themes. Streetwear started expanding into different audiences whom can relate to the theme or design. Today we can see massive international brands dominating the streetwear news in the likes of Supreme, Stussy, Off-White, Fear of God and many more, all designing streetwear in their own way, telling their own stories. 

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Now how do Malaysians interpret streetwear? In many ways, there are bad and goods. As of today, decisions on streetwear are mainly not the idea behind the design but rather the brand of the design as many would rather buy an overpriced reseller international brand rather than support their own local brands.

It is sad to see that so many would relate streetwear to brand, status and money when streetwear was originally meant to tell a story of one’s lifestyle, to define their character, to share their culture.

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Going into the new age, we also see luxury brands, like Louis Vuitton riding on the streetwear hype by launching a collaboration with a streetwear brand, Supreme further deepening the stigma of streetwear being a brand status than a culture.

Louis Vuitton has also unveiled its collection with a Japanese niche label called Fragment Design at a launch party at a local “high-end” streetwear store, Surrender in Singapore with over 400 guests including social influencers, slowly converting the streetwear industry into a brand conscious industry.

Still, all is not lost, as some of our local brands have even made it to international news and it’s all because of our Malaysian’s support. Just recently, our Malaysian local brand Stoned & Co has captured the international news when American hip-hop Trio, Migos, wore their Stoned Nexus Tracksuit at both the Nobody Safe Tour and Savage Tour.

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With local brands stepping up their game and implementing quality garments equal to that of international brands and also designs influenced by the local Malaysian culture, we can slowly see the increase in interest of Malaysians in the local streetwear which is such a delightful sight to witness.

That being said, we at Indie Lab Collective aims to cultivate a culture and trend amongst millennials and the youths of our generation. We are a brand that champions on individuality, therefore we pride ourselves on using fashion as a medium for self-expression and accelerate the desire to make a statement.

Do check out our collections thus far, i.e: Freedom, Pursuit of Independence, etc. This year, we launched a brand new collection and campaign, Live Your Legacy. We kickstarted the campaign early this year with a Part 1 collection with Infinite Helix stone beads bracelets.

Stay tuned as we are launching Part 2 very, very soon.




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